Your 5 essential tips for a healthy summer

Staying healthy in the heat is no mean feat; when all you want to do is top up your tan with a cool cocktail in hand, how can you stay on top of your nutrition and fitness over the warmer months? Follow our five simple steps to boosting your health this summer season.

1. Get outside

The sun draws people out in their droves and there’s no better excuse for a bit of exercise in the great outdoors. Take the dog for a long walk, go on a romantic stroll with your loved one or take the kids on a fun day out – pack some sports equipment or travel by bicycle for a great mix of fun and fitness.

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Consider joining an outdoors fitness class to really ramp up the effort – Boot Camps are growing in popularity and these can be an intensive but rewarding way to work out while enjoying the sun.

2. Create your own (healthy) sweet treats

It’s easy to be tempted by sweet summer treats like ice cream, berry meringues and refreshing citrus tarts and cheesecakes but if you want to stay on top of your weight during the warm months, eat these luxuries in moderation and whip up your own healthier alternatives to enjoy more often.

You can make cooling and sweet ice lollies with fresh fruit juice, or create a creamier flavour by combining coconut milk and berries in the blender and pouring into lolly moulds to set in the freezer.

3. Exercise during the cooler hours

Staying on top of your exercise regime can be difficult in summer when it’s hot and sticky. If you exercise at home or elsewhere in a setting without air conditioning, your best option is to choose the coolest hours for your workout – usually early in the morning or during the late evening.


Exercising when it’s cool will prevent you from overheating and becoming exhausted. After a workout, it’s important to rehydrate – even more so in the summer months – so sip on some coconut water to replenish your water and mineral levels.

4. Eat the rainbow

The bright colours of summer can be seen in the food we eat at this time of year, and seasonal fruit and veg is packed with health-boosting goodness.

The more brightly-coloured the produce, the more nutrients it’s packed with – think colourful summer berries rich in antioxidants and leafy greens like cabbage and spinach, which are full of Vitamin C and iron. Eating seasonal produce is also often cheaper than paying a premium for out-of-season food items shipped into the country from elsewhere.

5. Make water interesting

It’s easy to become dehydrated when the weather’s warm; the healthiest way to rehydrate is with a glass of water, but the flavourless taste isn’t for everyone – make water more interesting with natural enhancers, like chopped fresh mint or slices of lemon and lime.

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Water infusions can be ideal for a refreshing pick-me-up without the sugar or calorie content of bottled drinks. If you’re craving a hot brew you can keep it light with a natural tea – check out begu’s range of healthy teas, infused with ingredients derived from nature to support digestion and keep hunger at bay.

Let’s recap! Tick off these five simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to a happy, healthy summer:

5 Healthy To-Do’s


Get active outdoors on foot, by bike or at a boot camp
Cool off with homemade sweet treats like ice lollies
Keep fit in the morning or evening when it’s coolest
Tuck into colourful seasonal fruit and veg for nutrition
Make water interesting with fruit infusions and healthy teas

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