What No One Tells You About Stress and Weight Loss

What No One tells you about Stress and Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight but are constantly finding it an uphill struggle? It could be that your stress levels are to blame! Recognising that you are suffering with signs of stress could be the defining feature that gets you back on track to your weight loss goals. Once you find the triggers for your stress levels, you will find that reaching your targets will become a lot more easier to accomplish and within your reach.

Why stress makes weight loss harder

Why do stress levels affect the ability to lose weight? Well, not only does stress increase the chance of comfort-eating, developing bad diet habits and inconsistent sleep, but it also means that you will suffer with a loss of concentration and focus, perhaps affecting the need to stay motivated and focused upon your weight loss goals.

Research shows that an increased level of the stress hormone, cortisol, makes the feeling of hunger more prevalent, leading to weight gain. Cortisol was also found to stimulate the deposit of fat around the stomach area. Also, The Huffington Post reported that, biologically, the increase in stress means that our bodies create a hormone that suppresses the ability to breakdown fat, underscoring a relationship between chronic stress levels and weight gain.

Ways to destress

So how can you manage your stress levels?  Although it may be surprising, but taking the time out to plan your exercise, meals and social life can actually cause less stress in the long run, leading you to feel organised and on top of your schedule.

Exercising increases the promotion of endorphins and reduces stress, but it is also crucial to include regular workouts to your weightloss journey. You only need 20minutes a day to feel the rush of endorphins and enjoy the great benefits of regular exercise. Take a look at our specially tailored workout videos from our in-house personal trainer, Ross. 

But make sure you rest too! Your rest days are vital in your exercise routine to ensure that your muscles have time to recover from the maximum effort that you are putting into your workouts and also prevent injuries. Going all guns blazing, 7 days a week will not only cause a burn out early on, but also mean that your body is unable to get used to the slow burn of activity and reap the benefits. Although it is not encouraged to workout intensely everyday, you can still use the time to stay active, but with lighter activities such as yoga or pilates.

Take time out do to the things that you love doing. Take the time out to do things for yourself, run a bath, spend time with family or friends, or simply grab yourself a cup of Begu Calm tea and relax with a book.Woman drinking tea

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that your weight-loss journey is a long term solution.

If you make slow and steady changes to your lifestyle, you will see long lasting results. Finding simple ways to manage your stress levels will not only help you manage your weight-loss and make it more effective, but also mean that you have techniques and strategies to handling your stress long-term. You will become less stressed because you will feel that you are on track for your weight-loss goals, leading to further wellbeing and a lifestyle change that will always be with you.

Begu tea can also help you further with your stress levels. Our Calm 28 day range is specially blended to bring inner calm and help you resist those moments of weakness, combining all-natural calming ingredients to assist in attaining true zen-like peace and harmony. Caffeine-free and with a soft peppermint taste, you will be able to unwind in a pleasant and enjoyable way any time of the day with the Begu Calm tea.