Our specialist lifestyle healthy teas,
blended with you in mind


Ethically sourced from the world’s premier tea plantations and herb gardens, our healthy teas are lovingly blended and bagged in biodegradable pyramid bags in the UK. Delivering a fuller flavour from our 100% natural ingredients without hurting the environment.

There are currently six healthy teas in our range, formulated with our carefully selected ingredients from around the globe, with both taste and benefits in mind.

Blended for health and lifestyle promoting benefits.

Working closely with a master blender, the ingredients within each of our blends have been identified and sourced for their quality and optimal performance. The individual teas and herbs have been used traditionally throughout centuries for their varied health and lifestyle promoting benefits. We have sought to harness these qualities in our precise series of blends.

Each targeted blend will help you achieve your goals at specific times of the day in a completely natural way.

Great tasting ingredients when you need them most.

We like to think of them as a vehicle for providing your body with the right ingredients at the right time. They also taste great, which means that it’s easier and more enjoyable for you to reach your target weight and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

To top it all off, each of our biodegradable pyramid bags deliver it’s full flavour from our natural ingredients without hurting the environment. We feel that looking after ourselves is as important as taking care of our environment.

With begu healthy teas you have the perfect support to get on track to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


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