begunutrition guide

To get the most out of begunutrition we recommend you follow the steps below as closely as you can.

Of course we know that everyone has an off-day, therefore we’ve recommended and built-in a cheat meal. Don’t worry though, evidence shows this will not only help keep you on track but actively keep your body’s metabolism guessing, and this in turn improves your chances of sustained weight management.

Main meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try not to skip meals!
Sides Consider including one if you are having a light dinner for taste or to help fill you up.
Snacks As and when necessary. Max 2 per day
Cheats 1 healthy (max) per week

1 naughty (max) per week (week 4 onwards)

Exercise Week 0-2 optional

Week 2 onwards include exercise (see begufitness)

Water and drinks Aim for between 2 and 3 litres per day which can include our teas and any additional water you drink. Avoid sugary or artificially sweetened drinks.
Great for… Aim for one ‘Great for…’ food item per day matched to your selected tea choice(s).
Sleep This is important! Try to reach a point where you are waking up naturally, which means not going to bed too late!

Things to remember…

    • Concentrate on the tea and nutrition for the first 2 weeks, unless you are used to exercise, to give your body time to adjust
    • Expect to find things harder after the first 2 weeks. This is your body’s natural response to weight loss as it will start to fight it
    • Build in exercise and increase duration and intensity from week 4 to counteract your body’s weight saving measures
    • Use our personalised ‘Great for…’ filter to help you fine tune the foods that work for you when you need them most
    • All our meals are designed to be healthy with low processed content and balanced macronutrients

Why we think our guide works…


Breakfast is especially important so avoid skipping it if possible. Having a healthy breakfast has been shown to give your body the kick start it needs and more importantly helps you avoid poor food choices later in the day when your blood sugar level drops and you start to crave those sugary and fatty snacks.

Great for…

This is our way of looking at how foods can help us depending on the type of person we are. There is an endless supply of bad food out there, but there is good food as well. It’s your chance to take control and make food work for you, not against you! To help you we have categorised the meals/snacks etc. in our nutrition library. They are all good for you of course, so generally everything is fine to eat but for those moments when you need a little extra support, whether it’s a sweet snack or if you’re really hungry and gearing up for a big dinner, then selecting a meal that can help reduce that appetite or satisfy that craving, may actually be all you need. That’s why we think aiming for one or more of those meals a day can help keep you on track…but if you need them more, or less, that’s fine too.


We have included healthy snacks in our nutrition library. Of course we would ask you that you don’t go crazy and have unlimited snacks to top up your three daily meals, although we would expect, with our specialised teas and carefully selected meal options, you won’t need or want to. For those moments of weakness however, whether it’s a salty boost or a sweet treat, then take a look at our snack options, we have some really amazing snacks in there which you wouldn’t believe are as healthy as they are!


Everyone’s favourite time of the week! As we hinted above we feel cheat meals (you may also know them as ‘reward’ or ‘free’ meals) are actually a very important aspect of our nutrition plan. Not only do we all need a mini break once in a while from being good, but also it’s important to keep the body guessing when it comes to sustained weight management. Sticking to a very rigorous (and boring) diet is not only hard, your body very quickly decides it’s going to preserve any fat reserves it has, but sneaking in the occasional cheat meal helps upset that balance and allows you to keep going in the right direction. Couple this strategy with our cavernous library of delicious and healthy meals and we hope sticking with our plan will be easy and actually enjoyable.

We’ve included both naughty and healthy cheats in our meal library, to give you even more choice.

As the name suggests, our healthy cheats contain mainly healthy ingredients, but have a slightly indulgent side to them, so you can reward yourself with no need for any guilt.

Our naughty cheats may have higher levels of sugars and/or fats, but don’t worry, if you limit cheat meals to once weekly as recommended you can’t ruin all that good work you’ve done during  the week!


We think exercise is underrated…and also misunderstood! Many diets emphasise the importance of exercise but few explain that doing exercise to lose weight does not mean hours in the gym trying to burn off that post-lunch chocolate bar. Far from it, as unfortunately our bodies don’t work that way and physically burning thousands of calories in the gym every week is almost impossible for all but the most hardened of athletes. So why do it? Well actually doing regular exercise increases calorie burn outside of the gym (or exercise period) as your body needs to replace the energy burnt while exercising, that means while resting and asleep your calorie burn is likely to be increased. It can also help regulate your appetite and reduce your desire for unhealthy foods, improve mood, and of course strength and physical appearance. So while we wouldn’t advocate spending half the day in the gym (unless you are training for the Olympics!) we would strongly recommend regular exercise, as the benefits both short and long term cannot be underestimated. If you are unsure how it can help you, take a look at our FAQ’s or write to us at, and hopefully we will be able to help you out. Make sure to take a look at our fitness section which is really easy to follow and tailor to your ability.


You’ll see a lot of fitness instructors and health professionals recommending the consumption of gallons of water every day…but why you ask…well again, the science is a little vague around the benefits of such water consumption. Of course if you’re doing lots of exercise then you’ll naturally need more water, but there is some thinking that water can help with brain function, improve your body’s ability to flush toxins from the body and also reduce appetite. Some of these benefits are more supported than others, however we would definitely recommend 2-3 litres per day, but that can include any fluids including our teas. It’s so important to avoid sugary or artificially sweetened drinks where possible. These have been shown to increase the desire or cravings for sweet foods, and are completely empty calories.


Why is sleep even mentioned here? Well perhaps the same reason as fitness is. Many people don’t realise this but sleep (or lack of it) can have a fundamental impact on your mood, energy levels and not surprisingly your ability to make healthy food choices, and thus maintain a healthy weight. Making an effort to get enough sleep is more important than you realise. If you are not sure how much you need then experiment, and see at what point you start waking up naturally. This is of course harder in the winter, but cracking it in the darker months will set you up for a great start to the year. Use our nightea night healthy tea for that extra help if you struggle to drift off…


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