Ann Finnemore

IMG_6510Ann has a strong passion for working with people helping them change their behaviours to regain control of their health and well-being, and to achieve their own goals, ultimately gaining confidence and happiness in themselves.In her work with weight management clients she combines her skills and knowledge from nutritional therapy, hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP to work with them to explore their relationship with food and to identify their eating patterns and triggers.

Her particular interest in resolving emotional eating behaviours which can manifest as both feasting or grazing, depending on the origin of the problem and the particular emotion being dealt with, has led to the collaboration with begu. At begu we also recognize that weight gain can be attributed to multiple factors for each individual. It is not only poor food and drink choices made through a lack of knowledge about healthy eating, or through limited or non-targeted exercise, significant factors such as emotional & behavioural issues, personality, lifestyle, biochemical, genetic-driven tendencies all can leave you at risk.

Ann has worked closely with begu to develop our short questionnaire to identify the likely cause of weight gain. begunutrition uses this knowledge to provide general and specific dietary recommendations. Coupled with our targeted teas, whatever situation you find yourself in, you are empowered to make the right choices. This is a sustainable lifestyle change. You no longer need to be confused by the vast array of conflicting or changing advice out there, or try yet another fad diet.

Ann is a qualified nutritional therapist.  You can find out more about Ann and her work at her website:

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