How is PokemonGo impacting on the nation’s health?

The global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go is making the news on a daily basis and while many of the top stories focus on pokemaniacs taking extreme steps to capture a rare critter, many other news pieces report on the impact this latest craze is having on the nation’s health.

More and more is emerging about how the game is improving people’s lives in a variety of ways; while gaming is often seen as a sedentary, solitary activity, Pokemon Go is a new type of game that actively encourages users to get outside, explore their local areas and even make new friends.

Take a look at the lowdown on the (sometimes crazy) health and lifestyle benefits of Pokemon Go and decide for yourself whether it’s time to jump aboard the bandwagon.

How is PokemonGo impacting on the nation’s health?


In order to play the location-based game, users are required to get out of the house to collect Pokemon. While several of the creatures might be spotted within the home over the course of the day, there are dozens of Pokemon native to different environments, like water or grassland. As such, users generally need to get out and about, which can sometimes be difficult for individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression or low mood. Accounts are surfacing around the country from anxiety sufferers who say that Pokemon Go is transforming their lives – read Jack’s story here or Miranda’s here.


A fun way to get fitter

Another widely-reported benefit of playing Pokemon Go is the uptick in exercise recorded across the nation. Amid ever-growing concerns about the country’s collective shift towards a more sedentary lifestyle, reports are emerging from various sources to show that since the release of Pokemon Go, exercise levels have risen; users are taking to social media in their droves to shout about their activity achievements, take a look at some examples. Walking may not be the most exciting form of exercise but it’s a great overall health-booster, and with a distraction like Pokemon hunting, the activity can feel less tedious.

Pokemon Go has been hailed as something of a lifestyle aid, not only to boost exercise levels or get friends together

Breaking down barriers

The augmented reality game is also being lauded as transformative among autism sufferers, with a number of stories hitting the headlines recently in which individuals with autism have expressed how Pokemon Go is helping to break down social barriers and contributing to enhanced wellbeing. Teenage sufferer Adam struggled to feel relaxed in public places but since downloading the game has been able to get around publically, without feeling the same stress he used to – watch the video to learn more about how Pokemon Go is helping Adam overcome some of the issues associated with autism.


A lifestyle aid

Oddly enough, Pokemon Go has been hailed as something of a lifestyle aid, not only to boost exercise levels or get friends together as they battle it out at the nearest trainer gym, but also to help catch cheating partners, encourage the take-up of water sports and even to induce labour. That last point might sound like satire but it’s actually completely true – 27-year-old Amber Wilde had tried everything to induce the labour of her overdue twins before turning to Pokemon Go. A mammoth gaming session, which saw the expectant mum walk almost three miles, ended with her waters breaking; finally, her twins were born a couple of days later.

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