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Work your biceps to build them up or just to tone them nicely


Great functional fitness. Full body strength training exercise. A personal favourite

Calf Raises

Strengthen your lower legs to help reduce ankle injuries.

Dorsal Raises

A good exercise to strengthen your lower back muscles

Get Ups

Teaches the body to link upper and lower body through the mid-section

Jumping Jacks

An old school exercise to activate just about every muscle in your body

Leg raises

Hits your hip flexors, abdominals and lower back hard!


Excellent exercise for legs, bums and tums


Good for the core, upper and lower body. Performed regularly it can improve posture and flexibility

Press Ups

Builds muscle to support your shoulders, aids in good posture and helps build a strong foundation


All round shoulder workout. Covers front, side and rear, and neck muscles too

Sit Ups

Getting you on your way to that elusive six pack


Perfect cardio! Perfomed well 10 mins skipping is equivalent to 1 hour running


Strengthen and tone your bum and upper legs. Great for your core too

Step Ups

Work your legs without the impact associated with running or jogging


Great exercise for toned legs and a perfectly rounded rear


Works wonders for your arms and back

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