About Begu

At begu we have developed a revolutionary way of realising your weight loss ambitions and more importantly, maintaining that healthier lifestyle in a natural and enjoyable way, and for as long as you want, using our specially formulated healthy teas made right here in the UK.

The key to this understanding was recognition that everyone is different. There is no generic quick-fix which would be suitable to all people, irrespective of age, gender, genetics and the environment.

We were frustrated and disheartened with endless conflicting advice, subjective opinions with no peer-reviewed studies, miracle (and often dangerous) tablets from around the globe, fad diet products supported by celebrity endorsements, and the latest get skinny fast advice all over media, so we decided to develop a system that could be personalised to the individual, which will target those triggers that differ from person to person.

Expert-led solution

Working with highly qualified nutritional and fitness experts and also utilising our extensive pharmaceutical knowledge spanning nearly 40 years, we selected the best and most effective herbs from around the world to provide our exclusive specialist healthy tea range, and combined that with some of the latest thinking on food and exercise to help realise peoples goals.

Our fully supportive plan really is something you can do for life, and we hope, will change the way you think and feel about your lifestyle.

Want to make a real difference to your life?

For all our customers we recommend they take our questionnaire. This is our first step to you understanding how you might react to, and deal with the lifestyle challenges and temptations that face us every day. It only takes a minute and not only does it provide you with vital knowledge of how to listen to your body and break those cycles, it will also allow us to show you a personalised program that has the best chance of working for you.