5 steps to keep your new lifestyle on track

5 steps to keeping your new lifestyle on track!

Why is staying motivated so hard and how do we nail healthy living for good?

We have all been there…its a New Years resolution, a goal to lose weight for a summer holiday, nagging concerns about our health, or just a yearning desire to ‘be healthy’; we say to ourselves “THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE NEW ME… I am going to eat healthily, exercise more and reach my goals once and for all!”. But before you know it, you are back to square one. Where did it all go wrong? Lost weight is regained, exercise has dropped to zero (or not enough) and the healthy eating is not as healthy as it should be. But why? Well it could well be down to these 5 key factors which, when mastered, could be the thing that has you reaching for the sky, and not for the takeaway menu…

1. Set the right goals so you can stick to them

Setting a goal is not new… little (or big) challenges we set ourselves every day without even thinking about it. Starting a new healthier lifestyle and maintaining it is all about setting the right goals and sticking to them for long enough so that you forget what it was like to NOT be healthy. But this is nothing new…the difficulty lies in setting the right goals that will work for you and what you want to achieve. Poorly devised goals are much more likely to lead to failure, as they are not realistic or clear enough to start with, which can easily lead to a drop in motivation and the ultimate feeling of ‘its not working”, “this diet is not for me”, “it’s too hard”, “I am never going to do this”.

So what are the right goals? Here at begu we think the most important aspect of goal setting is to be thorough and detailed about how you will get there. Saying ‘I am going to lose weight for the summer’ is all very well, but thinking about the specific goals, such as ‘how much weight do you need to lose’, ‘how long have you got’, ‘what work and home commitments have you got’, ‘what is your food budget’ can all have a serious impact on your success if not considered. In short, a broad and undefined goal is always going to be very difficult to stick to, so set a clear goal and get going!

2. Be determined not impatient

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of changing your lifestyle, especially if weight loss, muscle gain or significantly improved health is part of that goal, is that it takes time and effort. In today’s world of instant communication, same day delivery internet purchases and global access to the world’s information at a touch of a button, it is perhaps no surprise that once people are embarking upon a new lifestyle and thus a slimmer healthier body, they don’t want to wait around. Unfortunately our bodies do not work on the same time scales as technology and ‘fast tracking’ to being super fit and healthy is simply not possible with today’s understanding of science.

We are constantly lured by the latest fad diet to lose 10lbs in a week, the super food smoothie to make us instantly healthy or the ‘robo-stepper‘  that will make us look like a supermodel whilst sitting in front of the TV…but in reality, there are very few short cuts. These ‘short cuts’ only achieve a small part of being healthy, and come at a heavy price as most require some sort of surgical intervention (and we don’t fancy that personally).

Our motto is to give it the time it deserves and don’t let impatience ruin your chance of success.

3. Be prepared at all times

One of the hardest steps is also the most important for giving you the staying power you need when starting a new lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle for one of health, energy and reduced weight will be challenging at first, mostly because everyday we can be faced with temptations and decisions that can lead to bad choices: the office cake morning, the petrol station cornish pasty, a slice of the kid’s pizza…you can see where it can add up! The trick to only treating yourself when it matters (see tip 4 below) is to be prepared

We recommend these top tips:

  1. Prepare your own food as much as possible (even if it is a healthy shop bought option) and include healthy snacks, to avoid the dreaded office cake or petrol station chocolate bar temptation.
  2. Buy as much healthy food as you can when you are alert and motivated.
  3. Avoid being over ambitious and only buying salad to lose extra weight… it will lead to failure.
  4. If ‘bad food’ at home is unavoidable due to your kids or other half, then separate areas (have a cupboard of your own and your own fridge/freezer shelf), so you are not unduly exposed to temptation.
  5. Don’t cook your kid’s food when hungry as you will be tempted to snack while cooking. Eat yours first and then cook the kid’s food if you feel you are vulnerable to extra calories.

4. Give yourself a break

This may seem rather contradictory to reaching your goals…but it fact it should be an essential part of your strategy. Many diets fail because they are simply too strict. They involve an aggressive strategy of weight loss, that are just not sustainable long term.

A successful lifestyle and weight loss strategy needs to be just that… a lifestyle that not only involves healthy eating, but the occasional ‘treat’ too. Including just one cheat meal a week can be all you need to stay on track . These little ‘treats’ do not always have to be food related either! A massage, luxurious soak in the bath, manicure, pedicure, weekend away, a night at the theatre… it all can contribute to your wellbeing, your feeling of happiness and consequently, your ability to succeed.

Above all a lifestyle and weight loss change must be enjoyable for it to succeed.
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5. Team up

Our final step to weight loss success is to work with your family and friends to help you succeed. Committing to a new lifestyle designed to help you lose weight, improve wellbeing and generally make you a happier person, is a challenge in itself. Exposure to friends and family who may unwittingly derail your attempt, perhaps invite you out for a drink too many times, or not be supportive at home, can be an extremely strong influence on your morale and can ultimately lead to failure. But friends and family can also be your greatest ally. Teaming up at the start of a lifestyle change can give you the support you need, if they are on board with your goals or are even willing to take up the challenge with you.

At Begu we believe that to achieve your goals, then you should use all the tools in your arsenal. Don’t let setbacks happen time and time again; take them in your stride and change your life forever.